Gulf Coast Cancer and Diagnostic Center (GCCDC)

GCCDC provides outstanding Cancer care by offering the most up-to-date and most efficient therapies in a compassionate setting. Over the past years, there has been an aggressive cancer diagnosis and treatment, patient care programs and research at GCCDC. 

About Us

Gulf Coast Cancer and Diagnostic Center (GCCDC) has a long and continuing history of excellence in cancer diagnosis and treatment. The Philosophy of cancer-related research at GCCDC owes much to the vision of Dr. Mark A. D’Andrea, MD, as the first director of the GCCDC. Our prestigious management Team felt that the key to curing cancer is the “multidisciplinary approach” in both clinical and Research base studies.

Our Services

Oncology Consultation, Radiology Imaging, and Comprehensive Treatment Plan



It is known fact that body cells grow and die in a controlled way naturally. But cancer cells keep forming without control.



Radiotherapy is a type of therapy in which a beam of radiation is targeted to eliminate or shrink the cancer cells to stop them for further spreading.



Gulf Coast Cancer and Diagnostic Center (GCCDC) provide comprehensive surgical treatment. 

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What do Our Clients Say?

I trust Gulf Coast Cancer and Diagnostic Center (GCCDC) and its treatment programs because they have treated my mother and made her healthy again against all odds. Thank you, GCCDC.
- Anthony
Gulf Coast Cancer and Diagnostic Center (GCCDC) are experts in dealing with all kinds of malignant diseases. Their proven track record of excellence makes them truly special.
- Rebecca
I had been diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer, but thanks to Gulf Coast Cancer and Diagnostic Center (GCCDC) and their efforts, I was able to overcome it and continue on with my life.
- Bruce