Optimizing Treatment

Best outcome from treatment is possible through optimizing treatment and keep control over your life to some extent. Following things can be done to optimize treatment:

  1. Get information
  2. Organize information
  3. Treatment effectiveness feedback
  4. Good communication to determine Optimal Treatment

Get information

After diagnosis of cancer it may be hard emotional experience for you. Well information and good knowledge of your treatment procedure can ease the emotional setbacks. Talking to your physicians, medical staff and other patients of the same treatment for information can help you a lot. Try to best understand your treatment plan as suggested by your physician and stage your disease level that how far it has spread and try to know best available options for your treatment. Get maximum information about your surgical procedures, therapy sessions, side-effects and second-opinion for sake of your personal knowledge and consent.

Organize information

Organize your treatment information and document them, such as diagnosis and laboratory test results, consultation, admission office and insurance information. Keep your files/documents up to date and organized for your treatment future and historical information.

Treatment effectiveness feedback

It is important that Patient and caregivers evaluate and give the feedback of treatment effectiveness to their concerned Physicians and supporting staff. It is better to know about the risks involved and benefits of treatment procedures such as surgery and therapy sessions. Calculating risk factor and knowing about other issues related to therapy types helps you to choose the best plan for your treatment. You should know about the difficulties or complications involved in your treatment plan such as side-effects, cancer recurrence chances, staying away from family or friends or chances of death involved as a risk factor.

Good communication to determine Optimal Treatment

Good communication is necessary with your physician and supporting staff during your cancer diagnosis and treatment. It helps you to acquire best knowledge of your health conditions and treatment procedures. As Patient motivation and consent is the key to successful treatment of malicious diseases which require patience, determination and strong-will. Selecting optimal treatment plan will help you to understand the principle of your treatment plan, whether its purpose is to completely remove the cancer, keep it from spreading or relieve the sufferings caused by it.