Cancers We Treat

At GCCDC, cancer care and treatment facility provides welcoming environment for our patients with advanced and helpful treatment units. We provide Cancer treatment with integrated and latest diagnostic testing facility, where aggressive cancer treatment is carried out.

We treat various kinds of cancer through our result oriented team and cutting-edge technology. Medical staff at GCCDC is highly inspirational and focused on Patient care and satisfaction.

Please Click below types of cancers you are interested in learning about.

  1. Brain Cancer Tumors
  2. Breast Cancer
  3. Bladder Cancer
  4. Bone Cancer
  5. Cervical Cancer
  6. Colon Cancer
  7. Esophageal Cancer
  8. Gastric Cancer
  9. Head and Neck Cancer
  10. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  11. Kidney Cancer
  12. Leukemia
  13. Liver Cancer
  14. Lung Cancer
  15. Skin Cancer
  16. Mesothelioma