Supportive Care

Supportive Care

Supportive or Palliative care is care that focuses on relieving symptoms caused by cancer or providing comfortable treatment to the cancer patients. Most common illnesses are nausea, fatigue, fever and other cancer symptoms. Supportive care major goal is the treatment of cancer symptoms and providing comfort during medication.

Supportive or Palliative care is provided throughout the cancer treatment at any stage to Patients of all age groups. This type of care is proved to be efficient in reducing the cancer symptoms along with cancer treatment.

Cancer Treatment

Gulf Coast Cancer and Diagnostic Center (GCCDC) assures that all needs of Patients are addressed including Physical, emotional and Social aspects.

GCCDC Supportive care team addresses the following issues of the Patient during or after the cancer treatment:

  1. Emotional Side effects
    a.Every day Struggle
    b.Emotional Suffering
    c.Depression and Fear
  2. Physical Side effects
    a.Chemotherapy Effects
    b.Radiation Therapy Effects
    c.Physical Pain
    d.Nausea and Sickness
    e.Weakness and Anemia
    g.Infection caused by Cancer
  3. Home care

    Caring of a Person with cancer at home keeps much importance; GCCDC cares about its Patients even if they are at Home. Our Palliative care experts address concerns and problems faced by Patients and caregivers at Home, also enabling them to resolve problems if they arise at any time.

    Gulf Coast Cancer and Diagnostic Center (GCCDC) provides complete home guidance to its Patients and caregivers during or after the completion of treatment.

Our home guide provides many topics related to common signs, symptoms and ideas for things that you can look for or report them to us, these topic may include:

  1. Patient Care at Home: A Guide for Patient and Family
  2. Depression and Fear
  3. Patient Appetite
  4. Hormones
  5. Blood Count, Blood in urine, stools and other problems
  6. Fatigue, Headaches, fever and other illnesses
  7. Constipation
  8. Diarrhea
  9. Hair Loss, itching and other skin problems
  10. Mouth dryness, bleeding and sores
  11. Weakness and Weight loss
  12. Steroids
  13. Swallowing of body parts
  14. Short breath