New Patient Information

We recommend you to bring maximum possible information with you to your first appointment, that can be:

Medical Records: We highly recommend to bring copies of your medical records that are available with you to your first visit. It is highly valuable information for us to assess your current condition. You can get your history of medical records from your current physician.

List of Medications: We request you to bring complete detail of list of all your current medications, including dosages and how frequently you take each medicine.

Radiology Tests: You are advised to bring the actual imaging films related to your diagnosis. Sometimes, after images are taken, your doctor may provide you with the results, but not the actual films. You’ll want to get a copy of these films. They can be obtained from the imaging department or facility where they were taken. The doctor who ordered the images can also assist you in obtaining a copy.

Some examples of imaging results can be:

1. X-Rays
2. CT scans (CAT scans)
3. MRI scans
4. Mammograms
5. PET scans
6. Ultrasounds

Pathology Slides: We advise you to bring your pathology reports, if you have been diagnosed with cancer through a biopsy, it is important that the diagnosis be reviewed and confirmed by a pathologist. If applicable, please bring your pathology slides. The doctor who diagnosed your cancer can assist you in getting the pathology report.

Payment and Insurance Information: We have no problem with any insurance plan; we always welcome members of any insurance plan for treatment at our facility. Please bring you insurance details (insurance card) for reimbursement of services provided to you at our facility. You have to pay no worries for payment; we will bill your insurance company or companies directly for covered services included in your plan.

If you are not covered by insurance, we generally request payment at the time of your appointment. It is highly recommended you to review your insurance plan prior to your first appointment with us and to make sure that you understand your coverage.